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I don’t know how girls think and i probably may never know but for us guys i know its pretty complicated.One question on “what’s wrong?" can turn into something you haven’t really planned on. That question can turn into something more than just onequestion, it would turn in to millions.It’s something i guess us guys just have to learn.

fuck this shit its over for you when im coming friday

you and your friends think its cool to put your arms around my gf and say these disturbing things ? HA! fuck that its over for your dumbass cause im the bf that will do something and isnt all talk compared to some. Im gna fuck you up and i promise you that. Bring your other 4 friends i can give 2 fucks cause their asses will be sleeping right next to you when im fucking done. see you in 2 days bitch 



Carly Rose Sonenclar | Brokenhearted

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